Friday, February 15, 2013

valentines day

I admit it, I love Valentine's day!
   I don't care if I get flowers and romance.
I just really love the hearts and Valentine's colors
 and chocolates and flowers.
If I need to I can get them for myself! Haha!

I had James get some flowers the night before Valentine's day
so that I could put some in little jars around the house.
They are so happy to look at.

We had our homeschool Valentine's party yesterday
at our house.
It was crazy and fun and loud and I really enjoyed it!
I had fun preparing the food and decor for it too.
   Sadly, I did not get one picture of the party.
   Being a hostess makes taking pictures a little tricky.
My sweet girls.

My little boys.

The "original" three.
I got a little Martha Stewart-ish and
made heart-shaped cinnamon rolls for the party.
They turned out so cute!
Thanks, Pilsbury, for making pre-made cinnamon rolls.

My funny Valentine's.
Henry was such a help to me yesterday morning
while I was doing last minute prep for the party.
He did such a good job feeding Tobs.

I "heart" you!

For God
So loVed the world
                                                                        thAt He gave His
                                                                       SoN, so 
                                                                       thaT whoever
                                                               believes In Him
                                                                   shall Not perish
                                                                but havE eternal
John 3:16

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