Monday, March 4, 2013

toby james:: 11 months

i'm so upset with myself for falling behind on Toby's monthly photo shoots.
the last one i did was at 8 months.  
i finally took the time to snap a couple pictures 
this morning.
my timing was bad, though, because it was too close to naptime.
i got a couple smiles but mostly
he was serious and looks deep in thought.
Toby is such a happy guy.
he's fussy when his teeth are bothering him
or if he's hungry.

He's starting to stand up without holding on to something
for a couple seconds at a time.
it's exciting for him but makes me sad.
i am not ready for my baby to be growing up
and toddling around!
he's still nursing the majority of his feedings
but we are feeding him baby food
almost 3 times a day.
he does seem to prefer his mama's num-nums the most.

Toby is a babbler.  he's beginning to experiment with actually
saying real words.
he says, "peek-a-boo" and "mama".
he tries very hard to say his siblings names as well.
yesterday, he grabbed some paper and i told him he had
"paper" he said that word a couple times.
let me just say, though, that only those of us who live with
Toby would actually know what he's saying.
otherwise, it just sounds like baby gaa-gaa, goo-goos.

toby LOVES puppy dogs and balls.
he will bark anytime he hears a dog or sees one.
it's the cutest thing.
oh!  he says "ball" too, he loves to throw any ball he finds
and chase after it.

toby is a mama's boy.
he loves his daddy and siblings, but when mama is nearby,
ain't nobody he wants more.
i am ok with that unless i'm busy trying to do dishes or make a meal.
but even then, i am learning to do lots of things one handed.

we love you toby!
i wish there was a way to make you stop growing so
fast for just a little while.
my heart bursts with love for you!
but i am not happy with how quickly you are growing and 
in a month you will be a whole year old!


  1. Makes me sad to see him so big and read how much he is learning! Happy for him of course! But my how time flies!

  2. This Jaw-droppingly adorable Mama's boy won't be eligible for a long time!!
    Love you, Toby. Love you, Tab!

  3. That baby is growing up too fast!