Thursday, September 12, 2013

still here

my creative juices haven't been flowing like they used to.
if that's what you want to call it....
i'm not certain i really have creative juices but 
i did use to take a lot more photos
and do a lot more blogging.
and a lot more cooking and baking....
homeschooling and parenting and having a baby
in the house has just taken over and
i've lost the motivation for all the other stuff.
we've had a nice, lazy summer.
it went really, really fast!  i cannot believe it!
then, august rolled around and school was back
in session.
school has been going pretty well so far.
we are only 4 weeks in and hardly
have had a hiccup.
henry, marcail and naomi really
are the best of buds.  for the most part they play
well together with hardly any arguments.
there's always the occasional argument
or hurt feelings but it's quickly resolved.
they love to spend hours at the table being creative
with their drawing and coloring.
they also enjoy reading books.
library day is like Christmas for them!

 toby is still just the happiest dude.
he's busy and chatty and follows his brother and 
sisters around everywhere.
he can be seen playing with their 
matchbox cars all morning while we do
school.  it's the cutest thing!


  1. Cuties! Nice to see you blogging again :)

  2. I love that you're still here. What a lovely blog/scrapbook/journal!!
    Homeschooling, parenting and having a baby- Each of these cause changes and rearranges that rush in like the waves… powerful, constant, comforting, and refreshing waves under God's creative command! May He wash you with peace and contentment to enjoy all your lovin' blessings! (((hugs)))