Wednesday, April 24, 2013

toby james::12 months

well, he did it.
he turned a year old.
way before I expected it, too!
"they" always say that it goes by so fast.
and "they" are right!
this past year has been a wonderful blur of babydom.
I am truly, madly, deeply in love with our tobs.

toby is a happy, cooing, chattering little dude.
he is trying so hard to say real words.
he does say a couple words:
"ball" and "dada" (for everything) and "more"
there may be more but I haven't figured them out yet.
he started walking at the end of his 11th month.
he walks FAST!
he's a proud little walker.
he's also starting to show signs of being a climber
like his big brother!

toby is a cuddler!
he gives the best hugs and snuggles
to all of his family members.

he's also a funny guy.
he's ornery and knows when he's making us laugh.
he also LOVES men.
any man.
when we are at church he'll raise his arms
up to be held to any of the men there.
regardless if they've ever really spoken to him before
or if he has ever laid eyes on them.
once he's in their arms, he nestles his head on their
shoulder and just gets cozy.
it is the cutest thing ever.

toby is eating lots of food now, but mainly baby food.
he's only broken 3 teeth yet and baby food
seems the best option for a gummer.
I don't like the idea of a near toothless babe
swallowing food pieces whole.
we do give him pieces of bread and soft fruit
but, for the most part, he eats pureed foods.
he also still nurses a few times a day and once before bed.

our toby is a delight.
we are so thankful for the gift of his life
and the blessing that he is to us!


  1. He is a precious blessing! I love those two outdoor color pics the best! So sweet! Walking and talking - So crazy!

  2. Darling, blessed, lovable Toby! We are glad for the wonderful pics!