Thursday, June 13, 2013

regular happenings

this post has no rhyme or reason to it.
just wanted to check in to let you all know that
i haven't forgotten about this ole bloggity-blog.
the days seem busier.
we have full days of school, normal chores, ordinary errands,
ee.tee.cee. (etc.)

the following pictures are from the past month.  
in no particular order.

james snapped this picture.
i was getting toby ready for bed
and i love how ordinarily sweet this
capture is.

the day before mother's day our chapel
had a mother daughter breakfast.
the girls and i had a nice time together.

toby was hungry so he was trying to help
himself to some pretzels.

 The following pics are all from mother's day.
this is true life ya'll

james and i were able to go on a little date for our
8th anniversary!
we went to a little italian restaurant and then
to the theatre.
iron man 3 did not disappoint!  
i love that man of mine.
i'm so blessed to have him.

we are nearing the end of our school year.
we will all be glad to see it come to a close.
it's been a very long and grueling year!

this picture does not do the glorious sunset
that we took in justice. 
we were on our way to Orlando for
a homeschool convention.
it was lovely!


  1. Great pictures! Those sunsets are hard to capture. The camera just can't do them justice.

  2. Love the comfy home pics! Love ya all!