Friday, February 14, 2014

naomi turns 7

For Naomi's birthday we took a trip down to the Miami Zoo.
Everyone was super stoked about their first
visit to the zoo!

Before we headed out we had cereal, Naomi's choice.
She had picked out Cinnabon cereal. 

The Galapagos tortoises were pretty awesome!

We enjoyed seeing the sweet Asian elephant.
He was so cute.

This Zebra was so handsome.
He never moved from his spot the whole time
we stood at his area.
We got a kick out of it.
He was pretty vain since he was so
nicely posed for some photos.

Giraffes are my personal favorite.
There was even a little baby giraffe!

The African elephants were handsome as well!

This is so Nay-Nay!

My sweet kiddos!

Toby is kind of a ham in front of the camera.

This darling little koala bear was just taking a 
nap in his cage.
Marcail and I were enamored.

Later that evening we had birthday cake and sang happy birthday
to our birthday girl!

Happy Birthday, Naomi!


  1. Aw you got some great pictures! What a happy day!

  2. What fun!!! Happy Birthday Nay Nay babe!