Thursday, February 13, 2014

twins birthday

The twins turned 8 on January 10th.
I remember being 8.  I was a giggly, squirrelly, carefree little girl.
8 is great!

They had donuts for their birthday breakfast!  A winner!
On their birthday, our homeschool group had a fieldtrip
planned to go to the Miami Seaquarium.
What a fun and convenient day to have a fieldtrip!!
It was a beautiful day and the kids loved it!

I loved the flamingos.
We got to see dolphins, killer whales, manatees, 
sting-rays and sea lions.
I didn't happen to take many pictures of what we say because
I found myself too busy keeping track of children.

How perfect, a birthday field trip spent with all
 your favorite friends!
I'm so thankful that Esther, the little lady who is holding Toby
and her sister, Abby, the little lady with the braids,
are such tremendous helpers with the Tobs.

When we gathered for lunch 
we also took time to sing Happy Birthday
to Henry and Marcail.
Also, our little friend, Timmy, has a 
birthday on the same day!
However, he turned 7 that day.
His mama and me brought cupcakes to share.

Happy Birthday, Henry and Marcail!!


  1. Such fun and good memories! Happy b-day twins!!